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Cosme the postmaster introduces us to the small Chilean world of Isla Negra
and persuades work-shy Mario to be Neruda's postman. Mario falls instantly
in love with Beatriz when she returns from a trip. He gradually endears
himself to Neruda and his wife Matilde. Labbe, the right wing politico, takes
a fancy to Beatriz and gives Mario a notebook, ostensibly to write poems in.
Neruda teaches Mario the power of poetry and he applies it – successfully
– in wooing Beatriz. Her mother Rosa is horrified and discovers Mario has
plagiarized Neruda's verses to win Beatriz's love. Cosme and Labbe start their
electioneering on behalf of Allende and Alessandri respectively.


CD1 Act One

1 Overture Orchestra
2 Morning On The Quay/Be A Postman Company
3 Please Go On Dancing Mario, Neruda, Matilde
4 Taca-Taca Raffaela, Carmen, Dolores, Beatriz, Mario
5 Strangers Beatriz, Rosa, Labbe, Mario
6 See The Light Labbe, Cosme, Mario, Jose, Rosa
7 Metaphor Neruda, Mario
8 Dance At Rosa's Company
9 Lost In Love/The Argument Mario, Beatriz, Rosa
10 Speak From The Heart Neruda
11 Poetry Is Poison Rosa, Neruda
12 Now Is The Time Company